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Yesterday we arrived in beautiful Padre Island, Texas. It’s only 4 hours from my house in the hill country, but it seems like we’re world’s away. Seriously.

In the past, being on vacation has always meant that my diet pretty much went out the window on the drive down. After all, it’s vacation, an escape from reality. This time I’m feeling a little different about it. I think it has something to do with the fact that since January, my weight loss has been at a near standstill. Sure, I’ll lose a pound or three one week, but it will slowly creep back on over the next weeks. April keeps telling me it’s so hard because I don’t have much more to lose and my body is hanging on to those pounds for dear life. Or something like that. I’m just so sick of seeing my scale sit between 146 and 149. I can’t get it to budge. So now I’ve decided that I’m going to have to get really serious if I want to see 130. REAL SERIOUS. That means maintaining my self-discipline on *gasp* vacation. Ugh.

Funny thing is, it hasn’t been too hard. On the way down, we didn’t have many choices for lunch, so we pulled into McDonald’s (which happens about once a year. As a matter of fact, I’ve pretty much brainwashed BJ that McDs is nasty, so he was all like, ‘mommy, why are we HERE?’) and I took a deep breathe and ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with no cheese or mayo and mustard instead. I had a yogurt parfait on the side sans the granola, and a Diet Coke. The kids had nuggets with apples. Not too bad. Then we hit the grocery store before we got to the condo, and I bought healthy foods. NO JUNK AT ALL. None.nada.zilch. Shew. That felt good. We hit the pool and had sandwiches for dinner and I was so busy working on the Leaderboard post last night, that I didn’t even snack!

Another thing that helps me keep my eating in check is that I’m spending most of my time in a swimsuit (thanks Lisa for the loaner! I love it!). For the first time in 10 years, I don’t feel like a beached whale on the beach. I feel firmer, thiinner, and I like it. I can get up and chase my kids on the beach without worrying what people are thinking of me. When I think about grabbing Whataburger for dinner tonight, I remember how nice it is to feel good in a swimsuit, and how much better I’ll feel when I shed this last 16 pounds. That’s some motivation.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I do plan to semi-indulge just a little bit this weekend. I can’t be on the coast and not have shrimp or a tropical drink. But instead of deep fried shrimp and a margarita with 600 calories, I’ll have grilled shrimp and a, well, I don’t know what can replace a margarita, but I’ll figure it out! (April, can you help me out with that? Anyone?!)

So I’ll check back in and let you know how it’s going for me. Since I don’t have a scale here (I’m an OCD weigher), it’s a little tough, but I know that if I make good choices and keep drinking my water, I should be A-Okay.

I’ll leave you with this:

Padre Island, Texas Beach