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I know we have tons of runners in the Sisterhood, and even more wanna-be runners (like myself!), and we are all capable of walking. There is no better motivation than participating in an event for a good cause! Everywhere you look, you can find 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and even marathons and they are often benefiting people in need!

I participated in my first (and only, so far!) race in June of 2007. I was living in Colorado and am impulsive by nature, and decided to sign up for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program. I asked my fellow Allegiant Air employees to do it with me and my friend, Nora, decided to take the leap. We started training early in the spring for the big half marathon we signed up for in Steamboat Springs.

Our training didn’t go as well as planned and I ended up moving to North Dakota the week before our event, but that didn’t stop us. I flew back to Grand Junction, rented a car, and drove us to Steamboat. We walked most of the half, with occasional stints of jogging and stops at the porta-potties so that Nora could express milk (she was breastfeeding, ouch!). We stopped to help an unlucky participant who fell and hit her head on the road. By mile, oh, 8 we wanted to die. Or maybe just I did. But we kept going. And we finished. We were not last. Close, but not last. My stomach completely cramped and I felt HORRIBLE afterwards, but it was worth it. I had to drive hours shortly after the race, wait for a delayed plane, stop in Vegas where I went straight to bed because I hurt so bad, then get up four hours later to get to the airport, and I could barely walk. But it was so, so worth it.

Seriously, it was SUCH a rewarding experience. Together, Nora and I raised over $5,000 for the LLS. The night before the race we attended a dinner where we heard from cancer survivors, young and old. They stood cheering us on in their purple gear all along the course on race day. I still get teary even thinking about it!

If you find yourself lacking in motivation, look around, find an event that is raising money for someone or something. Find a cause that matters to you and go for it. I found this site that has a lot of good race information, and I am sure there are others. I am going to be doing a 5K in a few weeks for charity -no, I am not ready for it, I will be walking most likely. I set my expectations high and I know that I will do another half marathon and would love to train with TNT again. My goal is the Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll half. It may not happen this year, but it will happen.

Let’s hear it, what causes are close to your heart and what events do you have your sights set on?

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