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Good morning everyone! 

Quite a few of us are heading to Blogher in just a few days and I wanted to arrange a meet-up for FRIDAY morning coffee. 

Meeting me, Christy, and April should be enticement enough, but to sweeten the pot just a bit, everyone who joins us for FRIDAY morning coffee at Blogher will be entered to win a $75 gift card from Born Fit.  75 smackeroos, baby.  

We’ll announce the winner while we slurp down massive amounts of coffee or tea.  After hitting all the Blogher parties the night before, we are gonna need it!  If only one person shows up, then they will automatically win the gift card. 

We’ll meet during the first morning break on Friday (10:00am-10:30am) in the lobby area right outside the “Blogher Speed Dating” session.   Should any details change, we will post here.  In addition, if you would like to send us a way to contact you during Blogher (email address  and/or cell phone #), then please forward that information to [email protected].

Born Fit has awesome, wonderfully made exercise clothes.   I already own one Rudy tank, but if I had another gift card to spend, I would so get another one.  They are the absolute BEST workout tank that I have ever owned and they are a MUST HAVE for your exercise wardrobe. 

But Born Fit has more than just the Rudy Tank, they have other shorts, shirts, skorts, pants and the like.  You should go check them out!

If you are going to Blogher and plan on meeting up with us, then leave a comment so that we know to expect you.  Or heck, anyone can leave us a comment and tell us how much you love us : ).

We love you, too.

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