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Highway to the dangerzone…. gonna take you right into the dangerzone…  who doesn’t love Kenny Loggins and Top Gun ? Got on the scale this week and … not so good .. i managed to gain 1lb which means that if I gain another pound I will be at the weight I promised myself I would never be again. I’m definitely in the dangerzone.

Honestly I feel really good – I feel relatively healthy, my stamina is good from the walking and other exercising I’ve been doing and my clothes fit fine..  but my knees still have to support 300lbs and they dont’ really appreciate that.  Not to mention my heart, kidneys..etc.

Exercise more, eat less.  Its that easy.   Ha.

I wish I could say that I always eat without thinking about it.   Lots of times these days I’ve found myself saying F-it… i’m “hungry” i wanna eat. Its one thing to sort of just find yourself with your hand in the teddy grahams.. its another thing altogether to know that you shouldn’t be eating and you just do it anyway.   I even bought a snack from the vending machine at work yesterday .. i never do that.   I feel like a broken record on here… all I need to do is stop snacking so much … but I can’t seem to stick with  it  for any length of time.. there is always something going on .. some  excuse to eat more… work stress, family stress, life stress.

Blah.. i’m going to go shred now.