April » Blog Archive » End of Week 1 – ChaLEAN Extreme


I just completed my first week of Chalean Extreme with two work outs.  “Burn It Off”  and “Recharge”

Burn It Off – Folks, it’s been a long time since a work out has made me want to puke.  And not like a “I hated it” kind of puke.  I’m mean literally as if I were out of shape puke.  Which is insane for me because I’m in shape!!  It seriously was like the first day of basketball practice all over again, and Coach said hit the track in 90 degree weather.  After 27 continuous minutes of jumping, jumping, jumping-wait 26 minutes, you get a 1 minute break in the middle – I felt awesome!!  Yeah, I know I said I wanted to puke and I did, but to me that’s awesome!  Meant I challenged myself to the max!

Now if, you are thinking NO WAY am I going to try a work out that’s going to make me feel like that!  Don’t.  There are ways to modify the exercises.  I just decided to go all out and push myself!  I can’t wait to do it again!!

Recharge – Okay, I KNOW that working on your flexibility is important.  And I will from time to try yoga type work outs (Chalene, you can call it Recharging, but I’m onto you. It’s yoga. ;o),  and here’s my problem with yoga.  While I’m suppose to be concentrating on relaxing and focusing on my breath while my head is between knees, all I can think is, wow, I really should have shaved my legs this morning. That’s just how my mind works.  But I admit the stretches did feel good, and Chalene did keep it to only 20 minutes, so as long as I make sure I shave my legs before I do this work out, maybe I can try to focus more on my breathing and relaxing nex time.

Week 1 overall assesssment.  AWESOME!  I’m looking forward to Week 2 and seeing if the work outs get any easier or harder!  I’m going to get some 12 lb weights this week, so that should challenge me more!