Biggest Shrinker -Shawn! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


If you remember the team challenge, you will recall that Shawn was our Biggest Shrinker at the Sisterhood, ahem, Brotherhood! He lost an outstanding amount of weight, 9.15% of his total body weight, and his team also WON the challenge! We are so proud of you, Shawn! We love that you weren’t intimidated by a bunch of women and hope that you will continue to inspire us!

Height: 6′

Starting Weight: 296

Current Weight: 268

Pounds Lost: 28

How long have you been overweight and what made you decide to take action? I have been overweight on and off throughout my life.  In 2000, I decided to turn my life around and start to be a competitive natural bodybuilder.  In 2004, I began to become overweight after a serious knee injury disabled me for about 2 years.

Do you follow a specific program or are there certain websites that you love? I really like, I have adapted a lot of their methods to fit the equiptment I have.  I try to lift 4 times a week, do cardio 3 times a week and walk the dog for about an hour a day.  I do have a family and work about 60 hours a week, so sometimes I don’t get all of my workouts in; although, sometimes I do get up at 4:30am to sneak the workout I missed from the night before into my schedule.

How soon did you begin adding exercise? Before I started dieting.  I was a college athlete and have never really quit exercising (other than the 2 years after my injury).  Diet is really more than half of losing weight.

What is a typical meal plan for your day? 6 meals a day,