EA Sports Challenge – Day 1 – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


August 31, 2009 By Christy

Day 1 was GREAT! I was actually excited to get started, and since I was already familiar with all the exercises and the way it works, I dove in.

I’m going to copy Melissa and do a bulleted list

  • I chose to do the hardest level of workout and I like it.
  • The inline skating, which I did not use the Wii Balance Board for, were very intense. I was jumping high, and my thighs were on FIRE!
  • Like several others have mentioned, I might invest in a better resistance band. I don’t feel like my arms are getting much of a workout when I’m using the one that came with the game.
  • I was very sweaty when I was done, but had amazing levels of energy all day!! Love that!!
  • I did wear a sports bra. Thank God.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!! The fact that the workout is different every day is so very appealing