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I am sure a lot of you are familiar with Gen and her blog, Welcome to Quadville. I have followed the story of their family since the beginning of my blogging journey last year and have always been impressed with Gen’s attention to her own health and her great, upbeat attitude on life. I read this post the other day and loved her message, so I asked if she would be willing to let us share it here! I hope you find it as inspiring as I do. Thank you, Gen!

I get asked this question a lot. Our kids are three years old and it has taken me that long to lose the weight. I’ve been sitting on this post for some time. I realize now that I’m writing it for a variety of reasons:

1. Honesty- it’s my favorite policy. 2. If you find something that works- shout it from the roof tops!

3. It’s not luck or genetics- it’s the result of hard work.

4. I have finally developed, what I consider, a healthy perspective. 5. I want to set a good example for my girls. 6. I realize that huge part of being a good mom is TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF!!! 7. Maybe my story might inspire someone else.

8. I have FINALLY met my goal!

You might remember the post I wrote in January, “A New Kind of Resolution.” For the first time since having kids, I felt like I had a grasp on it all. Man was I WRONG! By March I hit a wall. I never lost track of my resolution, but I was determined to get healthy. I was working out every morning, chasing the kids all day long and GAINING weight rapidly. It was frustrating and a bit depressing. When I talked to my doctor we realized it had a lot to do with my hormones (which have been out of whack for years) and my diet as well. The biggest problem? I wasn’t eating enough! Crazy, right? It made so much sense!

I have been working out, HARD, since the kids were about 6 months old. I get up every morning before the sun (and the kids) and hit the gym. I rarely miss a day. It’s my therapy and the one thing I do for myself. I love to run, bike and swim. I always took care of the kids dietary needs meticulously. But mine on the other hand, I would just forget to feed myself and when i did eat it was WHATEVER was near by. My poor metabolism was dead and I had completely forgotten to take care of myself. My doc suggested I try a weight loss program/diet and see what happened. It was a bit of an experiment. He gave me a few to choose from and I ended up knocking on Jenny Craig’s door. It was THE BEST thing I have EVER done for myself.

It sounds so simple, but I was just lost. I hated where I was physically, but I also wanted to find a way to set a good example for my girls. I NEVER talked about my negative self image and I NEVER used the word “diet.” The kids and I would go to Jenny Craig each week to meet with my consultant, Fabian. I would tell them we were going to see my friend and get some good food to make mommy feel better/healthy! They have loved going with me and being part of my journey.

Fabian and the kids (front to back)

Russ, Ally, Libby and Molly

Here we are, it’s August, I’m about to turn 31 and hit my weight loss goal all in the same week. I have lost 30lbs! I learned so much more than just how to eat during these long months of hard work and determination. I learned, for the first time in my life, how to FINALLY take care of myself.

I’m proud of what I’ve done and how much I’ve grown. I feel strong both inside and out, which is a hard balance to find. Also, having a team of cheerleaders behind you sure helps a lot too! Conor, my mom, Suz, Fabian and all my friends have been a huge support for me. Thank you guys!!

*Phew!* That was hard for me to write, but I’m glad that I did. Not as a self-serving pat on the back – but as a note of support for anyone battling similar issues or self-doubt. I found something that worked for me and I wanted to share. We can all reach our goals, but we have to do it for ourselves.

Melissa is the Co-Founder the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and the Shrinking Kitchen. She has been married to a wonderful man forever and is mother to six amazing children (18,15, 11, 11 and 3 and 1!). Melissa has reached her goal weight, and is now trying to find ways to fit fitness into her crazy busy schedule. She loves kickboxing and hates running, even though she has completed 4 half-marathons. When Melissa isn’t helping her little girl battle her brain tumors (Love for Jazmine Joy), she loves to travel, laugh, tend to her chickens, and dream of sunshine and mountains.
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