April » Blog Archive » Day 5 of EAS 30 Day Challenge?


Is that right?  My schedule got all wonky, so I’m not sure if I’m behind or on schedule.  Here’s how my week went since my last post.

Wednesday:  I wanted to take the shepherds for their walk.  Janet had plans for the early part of the evening, so she said she’d let me know.  So, I waited for her only to end up not going on our walk.  I know that was suppose to be a “rest day” on the challenge anyway, but I really should have went ahead and worked out because I knew I had bowling on Thursday.  But I didn’t.  Boo.

Thursday:  I set my alarm to get up early.  I had really good intentions to get up and do it, then sleep didn’t happen.  (Did you guys know, I don’t get a lot of sleep?  I average 4-5 hours a night. BAD.)  So, I decided 45 more minutes of rest was more important than working out.  Thursday evening was bowling, so that was something.  (Did you also know you can burn around 120-150 calories an hour bowling?  It’s true.)

So, that leads to today.  I did the work out with the dancing, whichever one that is.  Now, folk, I have good rhythm.  I’m a pretty good dancer, but you put that exercise in front of me, and I lose all coordination.  Why?  Yes, I paused the exercise and shut the blinds because there is no way in hell I was going to let someone see me bobbling around like an idiot.  And dear god, WHY did we have to have more inline skating? And YAY!  More inline skating!  We all know how much I love that!  (My thighs are still on fire.  I know it’s good for me, but still.)

I love the upper body combo exercises though.  A terrific way to burn a ton of calories!  Good onya EA for those!

Tomorrow, Janet and I are taking the dogs on a 7 mile jog/walk.  I’m dragging my tail out of bed at 7:30 on a day I could sleep in.  I want to.  I have discover how much fun Kelci is to have out and about and this is Janet’s last week here before she moves.  So, I will gladly trade sleep for that.  Then I’m going to do the next EA work out.  If any of ya’ll are ahead, please tell me that there’s no more inline skating…PLEASE?!