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This week has made me a believer. In several things.

1) Weight Watchers can be magical is you just TRACK YOUR POINTS. Which I did this week, every day except one.

2) The EA Active is a great workout. A sweaty, grunting out loud, ‘are you okay in there?’ workout. (On a side note, my husband says my Active avatar lady looks like a bitch. Which I take as a compliment. I’m not messing around here, people).

3) The c25K plan is AMAZING. That is all. I ran 28 straight minutes three times this week. Miracles do happen.

4) Drive through food is evil and must be destroyed. I’m proof. And if you need more proof, go watch Supersize Me.

5) Fiber intake is crucial. I nixed all processed/white bread type products this week in favor of whole grain, high fiber alternatives. Some of my favorites are the FlatOut Wraps, Oroweat Double Fiber English Muffins , Oroweat Sandwich Thins (these work great as an alternative to hamburger buns) and Ezekiel Bread .

I had to make a very concentrated effort to do all these things this week. I made seperate meals for myself – if my husband had a hamburger, I grilled a Boca burger. If he had tacos, I had a taco salad. If he had scrambled eggs, I had egg whites with spinach.

You know what? It was kind of awesome. Why? Because I didn’t feel deprived. And most importantly, I felt in total control.

Which is like heaven for a type A like myself.

Even better? I had a substantial loss this week. I was 175.9 at last weeks weigh in. Today, I’m 172.2.

That’s a loss of 3.7 pounds. Holy schnikes! Plus, I just earned my 10 pound Sisterhood badge.  FINALLY.

So now that I’ve had a taste of this control and success – can I keep it up! I certainly hope so.