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I’ve never been a believer. I thought Weight Watchers was just another gimick. Another way for dieters to sink money into something that doesn’t work.

But I will be the first to tell  you.

I was wrong. Completely wrong.

I don’t quite understand how the points work although I understand the concept, but it doesn’t even matter. It’s working better for me than counting calories did, especially with the way the activity and the extra points are calculated.

So after staying stagnant and lingering around the same exact weight plus or minus two pounds every week and frustrated, I am down another two this week!!!

Four pounds in two weeks!!! Seriously?? I weighed in at 136.5 this week, which is less than on my wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And just in time, too, because the triathlon is Sunday and my fullbodyspandex suit just came in.

So this is what 4 pounds looks like in non-perishables. And just so you know, some of this food will be traded out for healthier options for the food bank, I was running out of round numbers to take a picture of and will be going to the store to stock up so I don’t have to use my awful mathskills anymore.

As far as the string test goes, I lost just over an inch on my waist and about a half inch on my hips. Each thigh’s holding steady though. Oh well on that!

I don’t know if I can keep up this momentum, but boy would that be nice! Sunday is the triathlon and my innards are starting to get really nervous and panicky. This time next week I’ll be done! I wish I could be more creative right now but the kids always take the opportunity to act like complete lunatics while mommy’s on the computer.

How did you do?????

Happy Weigh In Day everyone!  Hail to the points!