April » Blog Archive » And So Begins Football Season…


I am THRILLED that football season is here!!  But here, to me, football season = tailgates.  Lots of them.

And as we all know, tailgates = food.  Lots of it.

It’s a good thing that Jessie, Rachael, and I are into eating healthy.  So, we try to make sure there are healthy options available.  But I know these tailgate peeps.  Every last one of them has a sweet tooth.  There will be muffins and doughnuts and cookies and who knows what else.

Usually, I don’t have a huge sweet tooth.  Add alcohol into the mix and all bets are off.  (And I know you know what I’m talking about here.  None of us would eat all crazy like at 2 in the morning sober.  We’d be sleeping.) Now, I KNOW I could choose not to drink.  But, well…I don’t wanna.  So there.

So, I’m going to promise to TRY not to give in to those yummy muffins and doughnuts and cookies. No, scratch that. Hold on, I’ll do it….

I WILL NOT give in and eat those yucky muffins and doughnuts and cookies.  I’m not.  I promise you.

But if you feel so inclined, shoot me an email sometime tomorrow and check in on me, k?  I’ll have my blackberry on me!