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These last few days I am facing a new challenge: fattening someone up whilst I’m trying to slim down.

My mother-in-law is staying with us while she undergoes cancer treatment and she is under doctor’s orders to either gain or maintain. Preferably gain.

My fridge is an interesting dichotomy:  heavy cream for her coffee, skim milk for mine. I’ve got butter, Snickers Bars, Ensure, instant breakfast.  Her white bread versus my double fiber.

I have figured out how to concoct a super calorie shake – 700 calories per drink.

Basically, I look at how I eat and do the polar opposite.

I know she needs to eat healthfully as well, but honestly, at this point, it’s about how many calories she can pack away in a day.

She’s a trooper…as much as I want to eat everything in sight, she can hardly choke it down.

You know what? If she can do it, so can I. She will eat to gain, I will eat to lose.

Now, I’m off to make her a Snickers Milkshake. With a side of bacon