The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC – Eating Right Because Our Jeans Are Too Tight


It’s Monday, and you know what that means!  Time to  confess!!!  Ready. Set. Here we go!

1.  I have been to three tailgates in the past three weeks.

2. I wish I could say that I’ve been good.  But I haven’t.

3.  Food-wise, not too bad.  Drink-wise, no comment.

4.  I can’t even say that I stuck to just light beer.  Because I didn’t.  Bad April.

5.  Good news is that there are no more tailgates for a few weeks.  Or is that bad news?  Probably a little of both, huh? I do love hanging out with my friends.

6.  I’m going to start running more this week.

7.  I’m really excited about it! (This is a confession because I’ve always said I HATE TO RUN. And I meant it.)

8.  I have learned, though, that you can trick a bunch of hard core,not pro healthy eating dudes.  Let me explain.  I make spinach dip every season.  I save a ton of calories with every batch I make by using non-fat sour cream and light mayo.  Not one of these not pro healthy eating dudes has noticed yet.  I rock.

9.  You can go here for how I make it more healthy.

10.  So, here’s a random one, just to make it an even 10…I once peed in a hotel hot tub because someone dared me.  The hotel lobby bathroom was closed, my room was on the 15th floor, the elevator was broken, and I REALLY had to go.  Don’t judge, you know you’ve peed in a pool before.  ;o)

Okay, so that is all I have; what do you want to confess?  Let’s hear it!!!

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