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Wow .. what a week.  Spent the weekend(and monday and tuesday) golfing and drinking… and trying to be sort of smart.  For example I did bring the wii with us and I did workouts 18 and 19 before going golfing on Sunday and Monday. I’m pretty happy about that. Workout 18 was the worst. Well, it was the worst until work out 20 came along tonight.  I was thinking that workout 20 would be all easy since it was the last one and I’m supposed to be all strong or something. But the basically they took every hard leg exercise and put them in one workout.  Killer.  The real bummer was that I didn’t finish the 20 workouts in 30 days.  It took me 31. So i didnt get my trophy .  I did actually do 20 workouts but it didnt’ count one of them. Whatever.  Guess I’ll have to do the 3o day challenge again so I can get the damn trophy.  Hopefully I’ll have that done before I get the “work out with a buddy trophy”  cause I’m pretty sure I won’t get that until Christy comes back out to see us and God knows when that will be.

Here is a pic of my calendar.

I’d like to thank my hookers and everyone on this site for helping to keep me motivated to actually finish this thing despite all the life that is going on around me.  I lost 8.6lbs since we started.

Whats next ?  I’m not sure. I’m going to concentrate on Beatles Rock Band for a few days. Then maybe I’ll start training for a 5K or something.  I still have to lose another 21lbs .. so I’m sure there is plenty that I can do…