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All I can say is that running is the ‘thing’ that works for me.

That, and stress. And the fact that I’m using running, rather than food, to deal with my stress. This is a HUGE breakthrough for me. Cause usually I’m the one driving through fast food, cramming the food down, and then hiding the evidence deep in the garbage can. And living with the stench of deep friend guilt on my hands.

I was not great at all about counting points this week, but was conscious of what I was eating.

So, today, good scale news. Very good.

I’m down 2.4 pounds.

169.5. Hollah!

I am FINALLY into the 160’s. Now, to stay here…I mean, get into the 150’s.  Woot!

Am I going to hit my goal for SFG challenge? Hmmm. Probably not. I’d need to lose 4.5 pounds in the next week. Which, while it is possible, I do enjoy eating from time to time. And I’d basically need to starve myself.

Let’s not do that, m’kay?