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EA SPORTS Active chose me as one of the 12 featured challengers for their Active for Life Challenge which begins today! The challenge is centered around their new product, More Workouts, and for the next 6 weeks I will document my journey on the EA SPORTS Active site, and here at the Sisterhood.

In addition, all of the writers at the Sisterhood will be taking part in the challenge, AND there are also several members here at the Sisterhood who’ll be joining in!

They are:

  • Ann
  • Nancy
  • Mel
  • Tobey
  • Hope
  • Karena
  • Becca
  • Dawn

(if I missed anyone, please email me so I can add you to the list! I’m going off of the group in the ‘hood!)

If you’d like to join us, it’s not too late! Run out and get your copy of EA SPORTS Active More Workouts pronto! If you don’t already have the Personal Trainer game, you’ll need to buy the leg strap/resistance band because it doesn’t come with More Workouts. You do not however, need Personal Trainer, as More Workouts is a stand-alone game! Did you get all that?!

From the EA SPORTS Active site:

Keep going on your journey towards better health with EA SPORTS Active More Workouts, the next iteration from the EA SPORTS Active franchise, the proven fitness alternative for the Nintendo Wii. Stay motivated, with over 35 all new exercises and fitness activities that will challenge you and help you obtain results. With all-new cool down/warm up stations, abdominal exercises and a 6 Week Challenge EA SPORTS Active More Workouts is a full body, complete workout experience and a great addition to the EA SPORTS Active family.

And here is my review from Workout Day 1:

I popped in my game disc for the first time, and all of my information from Personal Trainer was imported! Sweet. I was able to make some adjustments to my character (I guess that’s what you call it!), and it looks much more realistic in More Workouts. I was also able to choose my 4 workout days and my 3 rest days. For now, I chose to rest on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I do have the option of changing it up later if I need to.

I chose to workout on on High Intensity today. The game estimated that I would burn 154.3 calories, and the workout would be about 38 minutes, and that includes watching the instructional video.

More Workouts is set in a tropical paradise and it’s so, so beautiful. EA SPORTS Active puts so much thought into the details. Love that so much.

My initial reaction is everything is better with More Workouts. The training videos are awesome, and I recommend watching each one before you do the move so you can make sure you’re doing them properly. Once you’ve watched them once, they don’t come up anymore, and if you don’t want to watch them at all, you have the option to skip them. The prompts from the personal trainer come at all the right times. Sometimes with Personal Trainer, there was a delay, and it would get frustrating. With MW it seems to follow your lead rather than trying to control it. Love that.

I definitely loved all the new exercises. Skipping (rope) was awesome. The obstacle course was F-U-N, fun. The warm up was perfect, and the cool down was just what I needed at the end. The Figure 4 stretch felt so good. My favorite exercise today, by far, was boxing. Sparring with my trainer was fast paced and exciting. I was breathless as I jabbed, hooked, and dodged. The Combo Station (hitting targets) was far superior to Personal Trainer. Very, very fast paced. The only exercise I had any issues with was the Ab Curl Ups. It was totally user error, and once I got it down, it was smooth sailing. You just have to make sure you’re holding the Wii remote and nun-chuck properly, which is why it’s important to watch the instructional video at least once!

When I completed the workout, I was sweaty, breathless and excited. It was so fun!! I received the Overachiever Trophy for burning more calories than expected!

After my workout was saved, I filled in the daily journal (a quick survery) which keeps track of my water, fruit/vegetables, sodas, fast food, balanced meals, relaxation time, mood, motivation, and energy levels for the previous day. You are also able to input other activities you do, such as running, to keep track of your overall fitness level. Once your journal is done for the day, you’re rewarded a medal based on your workout, journal, and additional activity. Today mine was Silver and at 68%.

Workout time (including instructional videos): 33:39
Calories burned: 156.5

Overall I super-impressed with More Workouts. Personal Trainer was awesome, but somehow EA SPORTS Active found a way to improve on it! I can’t wait for my next workout on Monday, and in the meantime, I’ll continue with running both Saturday and Sunday.

If you’re taking the 6-Week Challenge with us, tell me what  you thought! Blog about it and leave your link, or just write it out, in the comments section. I’m very interested to hear your opinions and someone else might be, too!

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