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I am visiting my BFF and fellow Sister Christy.

Normally when we get together, we use it as an excuse NOT to exercise, to indulge in things that maybe shouldn’t, to stay up late, and the like.

This time, we decided that we would take turns watching the 5 kids (my 3 and her 2) while the other one runs.

I have visited Christy’s place a bajillion times and I love it here- it is beautiful, scenic and peaceful- BUT, I have never run through the beauty.  Today, I did.

To be honest, I wasn’t very motivated to do my run.  Our drive here yesterday ranks of one of my top 3 worst car trips with the kids (the baby crying for a major portion of it, the older two kids whining and complaining, etc).  My kids woke up way too early this morning.  My right knee was a little sore.  I wanted to sit on Christy’s front porch, drink coffee, chat with my friend and enjoy the view.

BUT, I had Christy there talking to me about my run, and where to go, and how far it was and what to watch out for.  I knew I couldn’t back down because well, she expected me to run.  Plus, I knew that she was going to do her run right after me.  A little healthy competition is always good.

So yeah, I just put one foot in front of the other and did my run.

And you know what, it wasn’t so bad.  It wasn’t the best run I have ever had, but it was decent.

During the second half, there is a HUGE hill that I had to climb and I really thought I might pass out as I was going up that hill.  I so badly wanted to throw in the towel, turn around and trot back to Christy’s place.  Did I mention how HIGH that hill was?  My legs were screaming, my heart was pumping hard, my lungs were aching for more air.  I slowed it way down and did make it up that hill.

Then, I turned around and went back down that hill.

As I paced myself, all I could think about was how my weight loss journey is like running up that hill.  Sometimes I want to throw in the towel, sometimes I get twisted around, sometimes I just want to sit on my bum and not have to work at it.  Sometimes IT IS JUST HARD.

But the end result, reaching my goals, getting healthy, feeling good about myself, that is worth every uphill battle along the way.

Keep on, keeping on, sisters and brothers.