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So I guess I got a little ahead of myself thinking I actually maintained over my vacation.

The calories had not yet adhered to my butt.

This week though, they did. I gained. Yes, 0.7 pounds. Really, scale? REALLY?

I exercised SO MUCH this week. I ate healthily and watched my portions. I weighed myself three times, in disbelief. Um, maybe it’s muscle from exercising, but what I really think it is the universe playing a big joke on me, letting me think I escaped vacation eating unscathed.


I’m not amused.

So, we are one week from the end of this challenge, and I’m up .8 from where I started. I’m hoping for an actual loss in this final week. At least to where I started! I would love to hit 160 before the end of the year, but that would take some crazy miracle – eight pounds in three weeks? Erm, no.

Hope everyone else did better!