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It’s two days before Christmas! My son is home from school, and as I type this post, he is sitting on the couch talking to me. He’s been talking to me since he opened his eyes this morning. I’m amazed I’ve been able to get anything done with my little talker home all week! WOW!

So on to the weigh in. I’m very, very happy with my small gain this week. Happy because I honestly expected it to be so much more. This is such a tough time of year, and any loss should be celebrated with fireworks and marching bands, as far as I’m concerned!

My numbers:

Last week: 139.8 This week: 140.4

Change: +0.6

This week’s weight will be my starting week for next week’s BRAND NEW FABULOUS Challenge since I’ll be out of town next week, and while I am taking my Wii and More Workouts with me, I’m not taking my scale. I need to take a break from my OCD weighing! Since we’re going snow skiing (for the first time ever!) and I’ll have More Workouts with me, I’m hoping that my first challenge weigh-in after the first of the year will be FABULOUS!!!

Have a very merry Christmas. Enjoy yourselves, but keep you waistline in mind when you go for that 3rd cookie. There’s no sense throwing all of you hard work this year away, right?

Much love and many wishes for a Happy Holiday season and a Shrinking New Year for each and every one of you!