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Tomorrow is a big day… the scale, it doesn’t lie.

Today? I will fess up to what I may face tomorrow.

* This weekend I ate pizza, drank a malted cold beverage, had Mexican and a huge cobb salad at Red Robin.  Not wise choices, and I know I could have done so much better.

* I have been eating poorly and using the excuse of stress.

* Hi, my name is Donya and I have been a life long emotional eater. (waves)

*You know that treadmill I said I was going to clean off? Well, damn (hangs head). Since going back to work I have 3 hours with my kids and then it is time for me to sleep. I have yet to find the time to get it cleared off. 

* I am embarrassed of my lack of follow through.

*I drank 2 mexican bottled cokes this week (40 g carbs in one serving!!!)

*Thankfully I am packing my lunch for work and avoiding drive thrus. BUT I find myself cruising the coffee area looking for sweets way too often. Thankfully nothing has been there. Bad intentions….

A positive note?

*I currently have been drinking  3/4 to 1 gallon of water faithfully every day.

*I joined a biggest loser contest at work.

*Since going back to work I am walking way more than I was.

So, I do have those few things going for me. Do I have to weigh in? Yes? Damn.