Rethink Your Shrink::Week 3 Weigh-in | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


HOLLA Sisters (and brothers)! Good Weigh-in Wednesday morning! We’re so happy to see you beautiful, shining face (and your bed-head)!

You know the drill!

Run, don’t walk, to your scales right now! Strip down, pee, and jump on. Did the number go down? Did it stay the same? Go up (ugh)? No matter what the number did, we want to hear about it! We don’t give ‘no weigh-in passes’ here at the Sisterhood. We want to know how you’re doing every week, even the not-so-good weeks. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

So head over to your blog (if you have one) and get it all out. Don’t forget to grab a button, so you can link up with The Sisterhood, and then come back here and leave the link to your post in the comments!

If you are just finding us this week, it is never too late to join our little Sisterhood!  Are your jeans too tight? WE WANT YOU! Are you interested in getting fit? WE WANT YOU! Are you just looking for the coolest place on the internets to hang out? WE WANT YOU! Jump in right now, and check out the current challenge, grab one of our nifty buttons, and then get blogging.

Don’t forget to check out the Monday Project this week. Christie’s really making us take a good look at ourselves this week. Fo’ shizzle in the hizzle.

Also, we have a couple of great giveaways this week, and they end TODAY.

  • This one may or may not involve chocolate.
  • You’ll want to win this one after you indulge in too much chocolate!

So that’s it! Get thee to your scales now. And don’t forget to share the love with all your Sisters!

Have a totally RAD shrinking week!

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