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So much tragedy has been happening in the world lately and if you are anything like me, you have probably sat and watched the Haiti coverage with tears streaming down your face while you call your husband and beg him to let you adopt a Haitian child. It’s so easy to fall so quickly into THE FUNK.

Once THE FUNK hits, NEGATIVITY emerges. From there, it only gets worse.

This week, ladies and gentlemenman, I want to focus on the POSITIVE things in your life. Think happy thoughts. Find ways to smile. MAKE OTHER PEOPLE SMILE. Really, how many times have you felt completely alone or down-and-out, only to have someone, maybe even a complete stranger, say something to you that totally turns your day around??

A few weeks ago, I was completely wasting hours of my life on Facebook and in a shitty mood, only to have the little chat box-thingie pop up with a message from an old high school classmate (who I haven’t really spoken to in a decade) telling me to have a beautiful day. That is all it took to put a smile on my face and make my shoulders a little lighter.

What makes you happy? I’ll share a few of my “happies” with you…

Sunshine. Sunshine gives me an instant mood boost. I cherish the sun.

Giggling. There is just something about hearing my babies giggle.

Hearing from friends. I am not much of a phone person, but getting an email or text from friends brightens my day and nothing beats having a face-to-face chat with an old friend.

Mountains and beaches.

Photoventures. Taking my camera out on an adventure. LOVE.

Stickles. A tickle + back rub = stickle. My husband is THE BEST stickler ever.

I guess that was more than a few! What do you say? Are you going to think happy thoughts? Put a smile on someone’s face? Let’s SPREAD THE HAPPY! I’ll start…

Audrey – I think you are a beautiful person, both on the outside and most definitely on the inside. I hope you have a wonderful, fabulous day today. 🙂

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