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How fitting, since it’s “Motivation Monday” and all!

Welcome two The Monday Project, week #2: The Motivation Wall!!

By the way, have you read everyone’s Monday Project #1, Project “Me”? Have you done yours yet?  (You can still link up if you want, there is no deadline! However, the earlier you link up, the more people will come visit you!)

Well the projects, they were amazing!  I laughed, I cried (it was better than Cats!). I just love how many sisters participated, it was wonderful!! There were so many great goal ideas, so many people who came so far, so many people whose determination was just so contagious it gave me goosebumps! Hooray, sisters!! Hooray for all of you!!

This week our project is funner. (I know “funner” is not a word, I’m trying to make it one. It’s my favorite.)

This week, we’re creating a “Wall of Motivation”. I wrote a post about my “Wall of Motivation” a couple of months ago and this is what it looked like:

I put some corkboard on the back of my bedroom door so every time I walk through it, I see my “motivation”. I see Ironman champion Chrissie Wellington and my 13.1 “Been There, Run That” sticker that I got after running a half-marathon last year. I continue to add to it and I will show you where it is on Friday, when we link up.

This week, the project is to create your own “Wall of Motivation”. Find a wipey board to write messages on, use your fridge to hang pictures, hang a corkboard or a message board somewhere, and put anything that you find motivating on it. Put pictures of yourself, other people, quotes, stickers, anything that lights that fire inside you!!

Anything that makes you smile. That makes you feel like a better person. That makes you want to be a better person. Anything. And be creative!!

There is only one thing that I ask. Write down your goals, the ones you have made at the beginning of this challenge (and if you haven’t made any, this is the perfect time to make them!) Write them down or type them out and print them. Somewhere on your “Wall of Motivation,” hang them. Put your goals in writing and put them up on your “Wall of Motivation.”

Then, take a picture of the finished product, post about it, and link back up here on Friday. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! (And like last week, there just might be a giveaway involved. But you’ll have to come back here to see.)

Happy Motivation Monday everyone! Have a wonderful week!! Stay strong!

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