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This will not be a cohesive post.  I’m thinking it just might be a “bullet’s” type post, because that is all I have in me this morning.

For all it’s worth…………

  • I did 30 minutes of what I call “light cardio” this morning.  My body felt slow and sluggish and tired.  I never really got into it, but hey, at least I finished, right?
  • My eating has been atrocious this past week.  Period.  The end.  I need to change that.
  • Speaking of periods how’s that for a seque?, I had an appointment with my “woman” doctor/midwife last week and I asked her for some help to control my raging PMS that occurs one week of the month for the sake of my sanity and my husband’s too and she gave me a list of things that could help.  She suggested I start with taking calcium and magnesium on a daily basis, to see if that helps.  So far, so good : ).
  • My back is sore from carrying my 26 lb toddler around.  OK, I don’t carry him much, but I do have to lift him in/out of the crib, the car seat, his lunch seat, and to wash his hands.  That’s a lot of lifting and my back is protesting in a major way.
  • I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah last week and it was a special on diabetes, yada yada yada.  Anyone else see this show?  The thing that stuck out from the show for me is that he said that your waistline needs to be 1/2 (or less) of your height.  For example, I am 5′6″ tall (or 66 inches)- that means  my waistline needs to be 33 inches or less to lower my risk of having diabetes, among other things.  My waistline is 35 inches.

How’s that for random?