More Thoughts from a NonRunner – The Shrinking Jeans of April


February 17, 2010 By april

I won’t lie, folks.  Training-wise, it was a rough week.  I struggled with just not wanting to run.  My run on Sunday was the best of example of the way I’ve felt this week.  I’ll try to replay my thoughts…

Man, I don’t want to run today.  I just don’t.  Okay, if the temperature is above 35 degrees, I’ll run.  37.  DAMMIT.  Okay, I guess I’ll run.  I did eat a spoonful of frosting after all.  Does my butt look big in these runner’s pants?  Who am I kidding?  I don’t have a butt.  Was that the wind blowing?  I can’t run if the wind is blowing.  No, trees aren’t waving.  Shit. I guess I do get to try out my new Skullcandy ear buds if I do run.  I’m pretty excited about that.  Okay, outdoor running gear on.  Hat on.  Gloves on.  Ear buds in, playlist set, let’s go.  OH.MY.GOD.  It’s cold out here. Stupid snow.  Stupid sun reflecting on the stupid snow.  Oh look at that guy looking at me as if I’m nuts.  Yeah, he’s right.  I really don’t want to be doing this today.  I want to be inside eating more frosting.  STOP.  Think of your teammates.  Think of what you’re raising money for.  Okay, I’ll keep going but if my knees or ankles hurt, I’m stopping.  Oooh, I really like this song.  Ouch, knee a little sore.  Not bad.  I guess I can push throught it for a little while longer.  Man, I really don’t want to do this today.  That’s it-oooh, Eminem’s Lose Yourself.  I love running to this song.  FINE.  I’ll keep running.  Yeah, okay, and I like this song too.  And now it isn’t so cold right now anyway.  I’ll just keep running…

I do admit to stopping after 3 miles because my knee never did quit hurting.  But I promise you that I pushed myself as hard and long as I could.  And I did run this morning before work (Which, by the way, means I have to shower at work, which means that I’m pretty much having a bad hair day.  It’s okay, I’m fine with it.  Mostly.).  Melissa is my “running buddy” and it makes it much easier to get up and get it done when I know she is too.  Also, am I the only weirdo that will “race” against other people on the other machines?  It’s like if someone is next to me, I automatically push myself harder.  Hmm.

Oh, and I guess since it is Weigh-in Wednesday I should report my 0.4 loss.  Go me. ;o)