Last Chance TWORKOUT! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


What you say?  But the Biggest Loser isn’t on tonight, so that means no tworkout right?? WRONG.

The Olympics are on, and is it not the 2010 Shrinking Jeans Olympics??  So, get your workout gear on and join us at 8 p.m. Central!  And if you can’t join us on Twitter, follow the exercises below on your on time during your favorite show!

Tworkout for 2/16/10

1.  Buttkicks (run in place and try to kick your butt with your heels) for 3 minutes!

2.  40 Squats

3.  50 Jumping Jacks  (or if you’re feeling good, do 100)

4.  Push-ups (as many as you can!  Any kind goes!)

5.  Jump Rope (during an entire commercial break or 3 minutes!)

6.  Bicycle crunches (Lie on your back, feet off the ground with bent knees, pedal feet like you’re riding a bike. If you’re on an advanced level, put your hands at your ears and “touch” opposite elbow to opposite knee.) – as many as you can do!

7.  High Knees (during the entire commercial break or 3 minutes!)

Have fun kids! ;o)

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