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Most Sundays, my parents make the 1 1/2 hour drive south to our house to visit, maybe help us out with a house project, and have dinner. I love seeing them, even though I’m pretty sure the main draw for them is the grandkid. (Okay, not pretty sure, I’m positive. My mom flat out TELLS me as much).

Today was no different. The sun came out for the first time in days, my husband and Dad were outside working, and I was itching for a solo run. And Mom was happy to oblige so she could have some one on one time with the kid. Perfect.

I quickly suited up in my running gear and was standing by the door getting my GPS programmed and running play list loaded when Mom told me that she’d been running and a few days ago had gotten up to two miles.

Go Mom! My mom is 59 and has not run in years. She played soccer in a co-ed league up until about five years ago when she was in a head on collision that messed her back up enough that she had to quit playing soccer. Since then, she’s mostly done Curves, which is great.

But it’s not running TWO MILES. Wow.

She was kind of down on herself about only making it two miles – and I pointed out how very awesome that is – and how it took me almost eight weeks to be able to run two miles. She has gotten there in less than a month.

Mom decided to start running again after we had talked about my upcoming half marathon. She’s literally watched me go from barely able to run for SIXTY SECONDS to running six miles straight. For a long time she had herself convinced that because of her age, she wouldn’t be able to take up running again.

Silly, silly Mom! I knew you could do it!

I am so, so proud of my Mom. And even better and kind of unbelievable to me? She decided to start running again because of ME. She saw I could do it, and knew that she could too.

There are so many things about this healthier lifestyle I am living that are outstanding – weight loss, a sense of accomplishment – but motivating someone else, someone that I hold so dear, is by far the BEST thing that has come out of this journey.

Remember this – even if you think nobody is noticing all your hard work and dedication, I’ll bet you that someone is taking note. And that you – YOU – are inspiring them to take steps to change their life for the better.

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