New Challenge Reminder | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


This is just a little reminder that our new challenge starts this coming Wednesday, February 24th! We are in the process of organizing teams for the challenge, so if you’d like to be on a team, AND you haven’t already spoken up, please do so now! All of you who let us know on last week’s weigh-in post are already accounted for, so don’t speak up again, k? You’ll just confuse us 🙂

Another thing we want to touch on is that you might not be here to lose weight, but may still want to participate in the new challenge because of all the exciting team fitness challenges and competitions. If you would like to be on a non-losing (as in not losing weight) team, you are welcome to join in! We’ve already got a couple of ladies ready for you to join their team!!

Any questions, speak up in the comments section or email me at christy@shrinkingjeans dot net.


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