The Monday Project Friday Link-Up: The Bank – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


No sooner did I fire off this post about The Bank did I have plenty to put in there myself. Oh do I have a story or two to tell and I hope you do too!

What? I’m sorry? You have no idea what The Monday Project is? Well, then come on in and have a seat, young grasshopper!

Every Monday we post the project and you have the entire week to work on it. You post about your findings on Friday and you link it up here so we can all read about your experiences!

This week, it was about the bank. The bank is the place you deposit all of your workout and fitness “experience” every time you walk out the door. Whether it’s running in the snow or forgetting a shirt to wear over your sports bra, we come across adversities and victories when we get out the door. It may not happen at every workout, but it happens. The thing is, whatever you put in the bank, whatever experience you have or find, you can draw on it for next time! It’s amazing! But if you don’t get out there, you’ll never find out! You can read the rest about “The Bank” here.

What did you put in your bank this week? Link it up and share!

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