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I’m getting a little misty-eyed over here! Rethink Your Shrink is coming to an end! Are you ready? Did you rethink? And moreover, did you shrink?

What happened over the past 7 weeks? Did you move more? Did you find victories? Did you find non-scale victories? Did you do something you’ve never done before? (And in a good way?) How much did you lose? How much did you gain in knowledge and preparation? How did you do when you had an off-week? Did you fall off? Did you get back up? Where did you find motivation? Did you like this challenge? How did you do?

These are all the questions that I’m thinking about myself this week as this challenge comes to a close.

That’s the final Monday Project for this challenge. You don’t have to answer all the questions above, but do tell us all about how you’ve changed over this challenge. And this is the perfect time for an “After” picture, if you’ve provided a “before” picture. Of course, our work here is not done and there will be more to come here at Shrinking Jeans, but for now, we can’t wait to see how you all did!! If you haven’t done all of the Monday Projects, please think about doing this one!  Write your post and link it up on Friday during the link-up! Good luck this week ladies (and gent!)

* * *

The winner of the water bottle is Adrienne at The Skinny Fight (who tried out a Cardio Dance DVD — woohoo!) and Karena is the winner of the “Hottie!” bag! She tried out Tae Bo! Great job, ladies!!

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