The Monday Project Link-Up: Rethink Your Shrink Finale | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


The Rethink Your Shrink Challenge has come to a barely slightly early end and this is the final Monday Project for the challenge. I know! Where did the time go?!

Today what we really want to know is, how did you do? And we mean really. How did you do? Got some pictures??

Did you discover your patterns? Did you fall into old patterns? Did you break old patterns? What were your successes and fallbacks? Do you feel any differently on the inside? How have you changed? What have you learned about yourself?

Today as we think about our successes and fallbacks and our strong moments and weak moments over the past 6 weeks, we hope that you keep in mind that this is not about moving mountains in one day or one week or one challenge.

I actually thought to myself today that I’m (almost) glad that I put on all the weight that I did. In a very twisted way. Because not only would I not have the friendships I have now, I would never ever have discovered the many ways in which I’ve learned to motivate myself, push myself and love myself. If I didn’t experience this journey and all of its bumps and  hurdles and successes and moments of clarity, I would be an entirely different person. I would never have had the confidence to have tried new things and I would never have tested my own limits and found out what I was made of.

I have learned to appreciate this journey. I’m better for having been on this journey. You are better for having been on this journey. No matter what point in the journey you are on right now.

Because it’s so much more than just weight.

We hope that you take that away from this challenge and that you stick with us to share in the support and the wonderful ride that is watching each other meet milestones and move our own personal mountains.

Keep up the momentum!

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