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I can’t believe Rethink Your Shrink is over! (Okay, especially since we here at the Sisterhood rushed it a bit. Whoops! Ha ha. All this running has us all speedy-like). But, really, it’s NOT over anyway. Not for me. I’m still rethinking and reassessing and reworking.

Because getting to a good place, for both mind and body, is an ongoing process. It’s a commitment. A lifestyle.  This challenge, for me, had been about realizing that I will never be done with improvements. And though that sounds arduous – it’s actually a good thing.

It’s not just about what size I wear or whether I’m retaining water. It’s not just about how far I can run or how many girly push ups I can do.

While all those things are important, they’re all part of the bigger picture. How I feel about myself as a WHOLE. Am I  respecting my body?  Am I making a conscious effort to exercise ALL of me – my mind and spirit, along with my physical self? Am I accepting what I don’t know, yet fighting every day to learn and grow?

This challenge has been – well – cleansing. I feel refreshed, I have more purpose.  The Shrunk has been Rethunk…um, no, that doesn’t work, does it?

I have dug deep, embarrassed myself ohmyvlog!, bared my soul and tried new things. I’ve stumbled, but I’ve picked myself back up and kept going.

I truly hope that no matter what the scale says, you all have discovered something about yourself during this journey…

And the journey is not over. Not by a long shot. The good news? We’re all in this together.

So, without further ado, my final numbers for this challenge:

Starting Weight: 169.5

Loss this Week: 2

Today’s Weight: 164.5

Total Loss: 5

FIVE! You know, I was thinking for some reason I had only lost about three pounds total. But five? FIVE? Squee!

Even better…wait for it…


Ladies and gent, I am a NORMAL BMI barely! WOOT!

So, with that, we move on to our next mini-challenge. Are you ready to get your Olympics on?

WE ARE. Stay tuned!