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Just when you think you’ve got this whole healthy living thing figured out – something jumps out in front of you and trips you up.

Your vices. Pitfalls. Weaknesses. We all have them. The trick is figuring out how to own them and show them who’s boss.

My pitfalls? Oh, there are MANY. Believe me. But it’s Thursday, and I’m giving you three:

Pitfall: Late Night Snacking. So, right now, it’s 11:50 and I’m sitting here, typing, and starving. I know there are some muthertruckin’ Doritos in the kitchen. And beer. Those cookies that I totally should have thrown in the trash as it was on it’s way to the curb. Late night snacking is a HUGE temptation for me. I tend to stay up late, and the problem with eating dinner at 6 pm is that by 10 pm, you’re not just bored hungry, you’re HUNGRY hungry.

Save: There are a few tactics I employ in this situation. The first, and most obvious is, GO TO BED. If that’s not an option, I make myself a cup of tea. Or I brush my teeth. If things are looking really dicey, I find whatever food is sexily purring my name, pitch it in the trash compactor and cover it with something nasty. AND CRUSH IT. Yes, it may be a waste of food, but I am teaching myself that my health is more important than some most likely over processed crap masquerading as food that shouldn’t be in my kitchen anyhow.


Pitfall: Emotional Eating. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a rough day – been put through the wringer – and found myself face down in a cheesecake (okay, that is SO Golden Girls), or strapping on the old Cheeto feedbag.  Recently, I’ve noticed that when I get a stressful phone call, I’ll immediately absentmindedly walk into the kitchen and open up the fridge. Not good

Save: This is tough for so many of us. Face it – food is comforting. What is not comforting is the guilt you feel after an emotional binge. And it just snowballs. In my case, I try to identify my triggers. If I need to call someone who I know will stress me out, I take my cell phone and go for a walk while I’m calling them. Bad day? I clean the kitchen immediately after dinner and turn off the lights. And I don’t return till the morning.


Pitfall: Convenience foods. Who isn’t stretched for time? It seems like we’re all pulled a zillion different directions and really, the last thing you want to think about is preparing  a meal, let alone snacks. And looky there, the Golden Arches are beckoning in the distance…look at me…I’m fast…your kids LOVE me…friiiieeees…

Save: Last summer, I made a commitment to myself that I would keep the fast food to a minimum. At times,  it’s been, well, impossible. But, there are a few things you can do to make the drive through less tempting. First of all, try to keep healthy snacks, like raw nuts, dried fruit, or healthy granola bars in your car. A small snack can tide you over till you get home to prepare something healthy.  Had a crazy day and a meal is to daunting to prepare? Whenever I make spaghetti sauce, chili or any type of soup, I double the batch and freeze single serving containers for emergency meals. It takes a little planning, but if you can avoid the drive through? The payoffs are huge, both monetarily and health wise!

There you have it! My Thursday Three.

Now, I want to hear from you? What are your top three pitfalls, and how do you beat them down within an inch of their life?

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