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Hello, my peeps.

It’s Tuesday. That day. The day we divulge our deepest, darkest food and exercise (or whatever) secrets. On the internet.

Nothing like throwing our confessions out there to the universe to purge our consciences…

So, I have to admit that this week I’ve been quite irritable and faced a lot of, for lack of a better word, stupidity.  My patience has been tested. As in, stretched within an inch of it’s life. And then a little more. And I’ve been a total and complete BEYOTCH. Generally, a week like this would send me straight to the Altar of the Golden Arches or finding solace face down in a pan of brownies.

But after an inspiring loss last week, I am determined NOT to gain this week. So, instead of turning to the usual suspects FROSTING, I turned to exercise. On Saturday I was just having an ANGRY day, and I told my husband that I was going to roundhouse kick somebody in the neck  if I couldn’t go to hot yoga. And since he was the only one in the house…well…I went to yoga.

Sunday, I pounded pavement for a super long run (six miles) and used that time to center myself and work on all the negative thoughts swirling through my brain.

And we’re being honest here…I think I could use another round of hot yoga tonight. Or a good session with a heavy bag.

So I guess my confessions this week center more around having a piss poor attitude rather than anything bad I’ve been doing around eating and exercising.

But you know what? Being in a yucky mood is pretty bad in and of itself.  And the fact that I’m letting other people’s bad decisions affect my outlook? Lame. So guess what? I’m done with all that I hope.


Okay, your turn! What did you get up to this weekend? Anything you want to get off your chest? The floor is yours! Go blog and link up below, or just confess in the comments. We don’t judge!

( A little side note, are you joining us for a last chance Tworkout on Twitter tonight? Follow us @shrinkingjeans during the East Coast AND the West Coast viewings of the Biggest Loser to get in some last minute squats, lunges, wall sits, or whatever other kind of punishment exercise April and I can dream up…)

Okay, now, CONFESS!

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