The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC – Eating Right Because Our Jeans Are Too Tight


Yippee!  It’s Tuesday and I get to share with all of you, my friends, my internet peeps, my “confessions” for the week. 

For all it’s worth………………..

The Good

  • I exercised HARD last week- Monday (weights), Tuesday (running), Wednesday (elliptical), and Thursday (mini-triathlon).
  • Say what?!  A mini-triathlon?  As in, swim 500m, bike 12 miles, AND run 3.1 miles?  Yes, yes, and YES!!!!!  I burned a ton of calories and couldn’t walk for a few days but who’s keeping track.  I have put the completion of this event, the mini-triathlon, as a big, huge deposit into my “bank”.   Doing this made me feel like a superhero, especially the swimming part I almost beat Christie O on the swimming part **cough cough**.

The Bad

  • Not sure anyone noticed, but I didn’t weigh-in last week because, well, the week BEFORE was quite stressful for our family and I returned to my “I’m stressed out and now, I must gouge myself on Doritos until I throw up” eating phase.  The Doritos are gone, but the scale was not kind to me last Wednesday, or rather, I was not kind to myself and it showed on the scale.  I will weigh-in this week- pinkie swear.

The Ugly

  • I singlehandley inhaled a bag of leftover Valentine’s M&M’s, by MYSELF, with little to no help from anyone else.  This would be over the course of several days, not all at one sitting I have a little self control but not much, obviously.
  • I had shrimp scampi on Friday (yes, I made it!), Mexican food on Saturday and BBQ on Sunday.  Looks like I was hungry, huh?

Guess what? You guys get to share with me, too- wahoo!!!! I know I am not alone with the confessions, of that I am certain. So that’s the deal- I shared with you and now you share with me.  Write a post on your personal blog and leave the link in the comments section here.  Don’t be shy- lay it ALL out there.  Or, if you prefer, share your confessions within the comments.

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