Lisa » Blog Archive » Spring Fling Weigh-In #3


Let’s just cut to the chase.

I’m bummed out a bit.

I have a gain this week.

I logged 14 running miles and 6 biking miles last week alone.

I have a gain this week.

It’s that TOM (yippee) but I don’t want to blame a gain on that.

My BFF from college is visiting for Spring Break and last night, after our 5 kids were finally asleep, we downed 1.5 bottles of wine (along with her husband) and a bag of tortilla chips and some salsa.

Given all that salt late at night, I am not surprised AT ALL that I have a gain this morning.

I know that most of the gain must be water rentention.

But it still sucks.  Oh well.  Next week will be better- I am sure of that!

Last week: 166.8 lbs This week:  169.2

Gain for this week: 2.4 lbs