Fitbloggin’ 10 and Foot Woes – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


March 19, 2010 By Christy

I am sitting in the DFW airport right now! Love free WIFI and charging stations. Where am I heading? To Baltimore, Maryland to attend Fitbloggin’ 10. I am so excited to take this trip and meet up with some amazing women, some for the very first time. People like Melissa, who I’m pretty sure I share a brain with. Seriously, we finish each other’s email sentences. All the time. And Thea, who as a fellow night owl (and cake eater) is always there for me. And Christie O. OMG, seriously. Yes, I’m meeting her this weekend, too. I’ll also being seeing April AGAIN! It’s pretty much a dream come true. The best part? We’re all sharing a room. HA! Do you think there will be much sleep happening? I don’t.

So if you’re not following us on Twitter, fix that right now, because we’ll be tweeting all about our (mis)adventures this weekend!

@reallifeadv, @christieo, @imadramamama, and @aprilshowrs

On to my foot woes. Yes, I have officially come down with some kind of running related injury. As careful as I’ve been, I’m proud to say it’s nothing related to me falling, tripping, colliding, or anything other type of ing. Nope. I woke up on Tuesday with a terrible pain in my foot, and it’s not gotten any better. I’m staying off it, and NOT running per Coach Joe. Do you know how bad not running sucks for me? A lot.

(also, I cropped my toe nails off so you wouldn’t be blinded by skankiness. You’re welcome. Unfortunately that means you don’t get to see my crazy long second toe. Too bad for you.)

This weekend I will have the unique pleasure of meeting Dr. Mo, one of my favorite Twitter-friends, and she just happens to be a Foot Doctor! Yeah, I know!! She’s going to give my foot the once over and see if she can figure out what’s going on. My hope is that it’s just a strain, and will clear up ASAP. I will say the pain is migrating, and doesn’t seem to be AS intense, but the swelling is still present. We will see, and you know I’ll keep you posted. Cross your fingers for me that it’s nothing, k?

Stay tuned for lots of fun tales and amazing pictures from our fantastic Sisterhood weekend at Fitbloggin’ 10!