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It’s time! Time for our very first Spring Fling Team Challenge Leaderboard!

Which team will come out on top? We’ve been busy analyzing all your hard work, mixed in a bit of subtracting and a dose of dividing, and our calculations show…

  • Weight Loss Warriors      -1.09%
  • Hood Mamas      -1.08%
  • Team Fabulous      -0.92%
  • Completely Committed Chicks      -0.76%
  • The A-Team      -0.65%
  • Hottest Hookers in the Hood      -0.53%
  • synErgy      -0.36%
  • Jazzy Janes      -0.32%
  • Divine Divas Downsizing      -0.29%
  • Team Incredible      -0.19%
  • Naughty & Nice      -0.11%
  • G4      no weight reported*
  • Special K      no weight reported*
  • Team O      newly formed
  • Team P      newly formed

Looks like the Weight Loss Warriors have come out on top with an awesome 1.09% loss of their total starting weight! WOO-HOO! Way to go, girls we did it! WOOT! Okay, okay… that just happens to be my team! We aren’t going to get too cocky, however, because the Hood Mamas and Team Fabulous are right behind us, vying for that number one spot! It’s anyone’s game next week, shrinkers! Good luck!

*Make sure you are emailing your Team Leader with your weights, so that she/he can get them into Christy by 9pm Central time on Wednesdays! We gave you lots of extra time since this is the first week, but the starred teams are the ones we still hadn’t heard from when this post went live! Next week’s deadline – Wednesday, 9pm!

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