True Confessions – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Last weekend I went to Fitbloggin’, and yes there were very late nights consisting of pasta and wine salads and waters, but ultimately I have but one confession for you this week.  I’ve kept this hidden for a very long time and it just SLIPPED OUT at dinner Saturday night, which completely blows my mind because I drank water at dinner.  (The drinks came later.)

So, a bunch of us were sitting there happily chatting away and someone asked who was going to the yoga session the next morning, and the next thing I blurted out was “Yoga makes me angry.”

Before all you yoga loving peeps jump me on this, let me first say, I think yoga is fantastic.  It helps relieve stress, improves flexibility, and can be one kick ass work out for burning calories….for everyone but me.

Now you ask, how many times have you tried it?  I took it for an entire semester in college and most days in class at some point I wanted to punch the instructor in the nose.  Also, have I mentioned that I’ve completed a little program called P90X?  One of the day is yoga day.  NINETY THREE minutes of pure hell.  I did it twice and could take no more.

Here’s the thing.  I’m suppose to quiet my mind and let all stresses leave my body all while either balancing on one foot (Hello, I’m the biggest klutz alive.) or while using my hands and feet to stick my butt up in the air (I’m usually surprised by the fact that I need to shave my legs.) or twisting my body in ways I’m quite certain were never meant for my body to twist (And hoping that I don’t fall over and onto my head.).  Instead of quieting my mind and stress leaving my body during the P90X yoga work out, I found myself telling the instructor what he could do with himself being very annoyed with the instructor.

So, you see, yoga makes me angry.

That said, for those who love yoga, it’s a great work out and I highly recommend it!  Seriously!  I swear!

Now it’s your turn, do you have confessions?  Let’s hear it!

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