Monday Project: Something NEW! – The Shrinking Jeans of Heather


April 16, 2010 by heather

Being an adventurous eater, there’s not a lot I haven’t tried or am unwilling to try. Let’s just say it’s a personal dream of mine to travel with Anthony Bourdain and eat innards. Okay, maybe not innards. But honestly, I WOULD try innards for Anthony Bourdain (do you hear me Anthony?).

Back to the task at hand…trying something new. I decided that my husband would try something new.  He is super duper picky.  My son is like me, tries and enjoys almost everything…but my husband? He would be happy to subsist on spaghetti, Budweiser, pizza, ketchup, fish sticks, tacos and tater tots. Oh, and LOBSTER. He would interject that if he were writing this.

Did I mention he is skinny thin? We’re all Jack Sprat up in these parts.

Since I’ve mostly given up on getting him to try new things, I decided to go covert. Hide stuff in food he already eats.  In the past, I’ve pureed vegetables and hidden them in cupcakes and spaghetti sauce. This time, I wanted to go a little further and leave the healthy food WHOLE.

So, last night, I made pasta. Whole wheat pasta. I tossed it in the sauce – so the wheaty goodness wasn’t immediately obvious to the naked eye.

And he ate it! Woot woooooo! I can’t say for sure that he enjoyed it, per se, but he choked it down and did not complain.

I’m excited to baby step him over to healthier alternatives to things he already loves. Turkey instead of ground beef in tacos and spaghetti sauce.  Maybe even…wait for it…whole wheat pizza dough.

You know? I think it will work. Fingers crossed.