Team Leaderboard, Spring Fling Week 5 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


We have just completed Week 5 of the Spring Fling Challenge! How are you doing? Are your jeans fitting looser? Are you feeling satisfied with your progress so far?

Let’s get to what everyone has been waiting for!

Here are the cumulative results:

  • Hood Mamas      3.10%
  • G4      3.02%
  • Team Incredible      2.76%
  • Weight Loss Warriors     2.70%
  • Off the Oreos      2.44%
  • Naughty & Nice      2.06%
  • Jazzy Janes      1.88%*
  • Hottest Hookers in the Hood      1.95%
  • Team Fabulous      1.87%
  • Divine Divas Downsizing      1.70%
  • Completely Committed Chicks     1.51%*
  • Special K      1.34%*
  • Pigs Will Fly      1.23%*
  • synErgy      1.12%
  • The A-Team     1.04%
  • Team Q  0.00%*

The Hood Mamas have come from nowhere to take the lead! Way to go Mamas! So proud of you! Team G4 is still hot on their tails, though so WATCH OUT! I love seeing all these big numbers! It’s still any team’s game! Keep at it!

Keep on plugging away! You are all doing so great! Remember to take your measurements, too, for your own reference so that even if the scale isn’t showing progress, your numbers may show something different!

Are you ready for Week 6? Will the Hood Mama’s keep their title or be overthrown? Only time will tell! Have a good holiday weekend, let’s try to keep the indulgences to a minimum, m’kay?

If there is an * next to your team, that means we didn’t hear from your team this week, and we’re using your percentage from last week. Please make sure you get your totals to Christy by 9pm Wednesday night, k thanks!

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