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**UPDATE** As of the last tally, including the ‘hood, this post, and the Facebook event, we are up to over 150 miles!!! That means over 150 people got out there and got active! So amazing! If we added up the total miles of everyone, I have a feeling we would be really close, if not over, to 1,000! Can you say AWESOME??

Did you do it? Did you get out there and run, walk, slog, wog, ralk a mile? Did you get your family and friends involved? If not, it’s not too late to get your mile in and be included in our final Shrinking Jeans Miler Tally! In case you have no idea what I am talking about, go here and read this post.

My husband drug me I drug my husband to the gym yesterday, since it was snowing, and we both hit the treadmill for a few miles. This man can not exercise for ages, then get on the elliptical and bust out five-and-a-half minute miles, so I was gloating on the inside a bit when he was dying on the treadmill. Sometimes it’s good to know I’m not the only one who struggles with it. Speaking of the husband, he is moaning and groaning this very second because he is so sore.

Anyway, focus Melissa, focus my husband and I each got our miles and then some in, and I plan on getting my kids to do one today as well! We want to know how YOU did! This is the official check-in post! If you did a mile, say so below. If you and your seven kids did a mile yesterday, then your tally would be 8! If you did 5 miles, your tally will still be 1. Make sense? We are going for total people completing those miles, not your total mileage!

If you have already checked-in on the ‘hood tally post or on the Facebook event, you don’t have to post below! Please make sure you post at one of these locations by midnight tonight, because the Sisterhood will be busy adding up all the miles and declare the official number tomorrow! I can’t wait to see how high we can get! If you haven’t done a mile yet, what are you waiting for?

Have a great, active weekend!

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