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You all are probably pretty much aware that things have been kind of rough round these parts. My mother in law passed a few weeks ago and tomorrow we are having her memorial service.

During this time, I feel like I’ve stagnated a bit in the exercise department, and I’m done some shameless (full?) comfort eating.

Result? I’ve gained back some weight. And its not making me happy.

So, here’s what’s going to happen. Today, tomorrow, I’m going to be crazy busy. I won’t have time to exercise, most likely, but I will be mindful of what I eat.

Then, after we celebrate my mother-in-law’s life and have a little closure, I am back into my old, good routine. Full stop. Gym, healthy eats, water, care for kid and husband, run. Repeat. Oh, I forgot sleep. I promise I’ll sleep too. And bathe. Can’t forget that.

After all, while she was lying there in her hospital bed, she actually commented on how much weight I’d lost and how good I look. For her, in all her pain, to pay me a compliment like that? Huge. I can’t stop, I can’t go back, I can’t let her, or me, down.

Today, I start this challenge at 170.4.  I want to be able to comfortably wear a bathing suit by the end of this challenge. That means not only do I still have some weight to lose (I’d like to shoot for 10 pounds), but I need to really hit the gym and tone up after I finish this half marathon thingy I’m running in two weeks.


Time to get out running! See you guys next week for weigh in!