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I am loving this- having each of you spotlight YOU.  It is awesome to read your words about each other and so uplifting. As always, I am impressed with Mendie’s choice for this week- read on……

I didn’t know whether to shed some happy tears or just smile ecstatically when Bari picked me last week for the spotlight, actually I think I did a little bit of both!  Thank you Bari, it means so much to have been chosen by you, you have become such a friend and inspiration to me over the past few months. I appreciate your friendship and support more then you know.   Mwah sister!  Love ya!

Wow this is the hard part, soo many of the sisters have been so supportive to me through my weightloss journey and the roller coaster ride of trying to start a family, and I want to thank you all for the comments, emails and tweets.  I am so blessed to have you all stop by my little blog to look at pictures of my adorable little dog and hear my ramblings as I continue on my journey.  Hugs to all….I don’t think I could get the the day, well without losing my sanity, sometimes without your love.  So thank you.

Now drumroll please….this week’s spotlight is moving a little south…to the Valleys of Tennessee…to find BROOKE!

Brooke is awesome and if you have never had the pleasure of reading her blog, you must go check her out…the girl is quite funny!  She is one of the sweetest ladies that I have come across in the blogging world, but she isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks, even if it might not be what you want to hear.  Which is a good thing, I think we all want that, to get some feedback on whatever it is we are going thru.  She is awesome at budgeting and I think its great how she has done some great things to plan for her future.  She has a sweet husband (who gave her ginormous bling btw) and together they are in the process of remodeling their old farmhouse they moved into last year.  She is an awesome auntie to two little ones and really loves to be around her family, which is a thing I admire alot.

Brooke actually was the first sister that ever visited my blog, back when it was on wordpress and then she made a comment on a post about new workout shoes where I stated “I’m keeping them on my wishlist for future goals, like if I start running.  Would love to have them now, and really think they are worth it….but don’t want to spend $140 on shoes yet when I don’t run…at all.”  To which Brooke replied “so buy them and then become a runner!”

And Brooke should know about running….she became a runner!  She has ran in several races, her first 5K was in the rain, there was the 8K which included her getting stopped by the police, and a half marathon she finished in less then 2hrs and 45 minutes! Go Brooke!  She also is signed up for the Disney Half Marathon in January 2011 with a few of the sisters.  But not only does she run, she also swims and weight trains like a pro!  I don’t even own dumbbells the size that she was doing presses with…remind me never to get in a fight with her!  Oh and dont’ let her tiny frame fool you, the girls has killer abs hiding under those workout clothes.

All kidding aside, Brooke has the brains, passion and heart to go FAR.  Sure right now she is struggling while her body while it seems to have other plans, but she was a smart girl and went to see her doctor.  After training and focusing on making her body do all these amazing things, she knew something wasn’t right when she felt tired and wasn’t performing like she should be.  She now has an answer and her diagnosis and recent treatments should help get her up and running again.  And that makes me so happy to know that even she isn’t feeling 100%, she is on her way and will be back to seeing those results she strives for soon!  She is one of the hardest working ladies I know.  Get well soon Brooke, we’ll be cheering you on!

Love ya Brooke, thank you soo much for your comments and friendship…can’t wait to meet you!  You totally deserve the spotlight my friend!


Congratulations, Brooke!!! Now it’s your turn. Pick a sister to spotlight and e-mail your kudos to [email protected] by Friday, July 2nd, 2010. xoxoxo

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