June 2010 Archives – 2/4 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Talk to me guys! How are you doing with this week’s mini-challenge? Did you get your five servings of fruits and veggies in today?   If not, there is always tomorrow. Go ahead, share with us, check-in, if you dare…….  Lisa

Big, deep sigh. True Confessions time.  Again.  I just “confessed” last week, after not “confessing” for a very long time.  What more could I have to say?  Well, there is always more to say and in this case, confess. The good part is that I don’t have to do it alone.  You guys get to […]

It has been brought to my attention that um, well, we forgot to post a mini-challenge for last week but no one’s counting, right? and that we just might be a tad late for this week.  My bad.  We’ll just chock up my forgetfulness maybe all of us to the post-half marathon blues, the summer crazies and […]

Wait a minute Mr. Postman, did you forget about me? (I have no mail to open or answer, I feel so…lonely) WELL…It’s Mailbag Monday up in the sisterhood today. Have you noticed this new feature here at Shrinking Jeans?  It’ s where we are stoping to answer any of your questions. So, throw them at us! […]

Last week’s spotlighted sister, Bari, made an amazing choice for this week’s Spotlight, IMHO.  Read on, my friends… ******* Oh my goodness, where to begin???? I was flabbergasted when Karena chose me as last week’s Sister Spotlight.  I mean, seriously!  I’m just little o’ me, doing my thing.  It still blows my mind that people […]

Here’s what I’ve noticed…taking care of myself is more than just working out and eating right. I find that if I’m not taking care the rest of my physical appearance – you know, showering, hair removal, doing some makeup, getting out of the yoga pants/workout gear from time to time, general primping – I’m just […]

Winners have been chosen! If you see your name listed below, please contact me at heather@shrinkingjeans with the following information: Top three suit choices (in case of low stock), including item number, color, size and description Snail mail Contact number Now, for the winners! And thanks to all for participating. flutterby4 Megan Bari F Oh […]

I made this salad last Summer when visiting with Christy at her Hill Country abode.  It was deliciously fresh and simple and yummy and all of our children ate it up.  Yes, five children eating salad- it really did happen.  In fact, if I had some strawberries in the house, I would totally be making […]

So, you’ve probably heard we’re giving away some Land’s End swimsuits. Eight of them. Tomorrow. Yup, tomorrow’s the big drawing day! Make sure you head on over to the day 1 post to get your name in the pot (the virtual pot, Random.org), if you haven’t already…hang on till the end of this post for […]

It seems like running is all the rage right now! And nothing makes me happier than to see Sisters (and Brothers) out there lacing up their running shoes and hitting the pavement. Running is good for you, it’s fun (once you get past those first seemingly impossible weeks of C25K), and can lead you down […]

Heeeeey, ho! Hee-eeey, ho-oooo! Okay, I’m on vacation, and sadly (cough-cough) I cannot weigh-in today, but YOU can! So hop to it my lovelies! Get on those scales, marvel at the brand new number you see, and shout it out from the roof-tops. Okay, don’t really shout it out from the rooftops, because your neighbors […]

It’s day three of our Land’s End swimsuit reviews! Only 48 (or less hours) or less to enter our super swell swimsuit (that’s a lot of s’s, people!) giveaway. Hold on till the end of this post for entry details. Today, we’ve got reviews from Lisa and Crooked Eyebrow. Go Lisa! Go CE! Woot! ****** […]

Let’s send out some ginormous birthday wishes to our girl, April! We love her to pieces and are so honored to have her as part of our group! Happy Birthday, April! We love you! Have a kick-ass, fabulous year!

My, oh my. Sit back and get cozy with a cup of coffee or tea, because this is going to be riveting. Trust. I have been on the road since June 2nd. First I drove to Houston, then I flew to San Diego and ran in the San Diego 1/2 marathon with Team Shrinking Jeans […]

Did you read our Lands End swimsuit reviews yesterday? No? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Okay, are you back? So, as you probably read, we’re reviewing two suits per day, for four days. Then we’re giving away eight suits on Friday. Can you stand it? Hang on till the end of this post for details on […]