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Here’s what I’ve noticed…taking care of myself is more than just working out and eating right. I find that if I’m not taking care the rest of my physical appearance – you know, showering, hair removal, doing some makeup, getting out of the yoga pants/workout gear from time to time, general primping – I’m just not getting the whole effect.

I don’t feel my ‘best’ (You know, this sounds like an ad for some feminine hygeine product. My apologies.).

In essence, it’s all got to happen. If I don’t feel put together, I kind of start backsliding on exercising and proper nutrition.  And vice versa.

When I became a stay at home mom – well, that’s when I really started to notice the correlation between my self-esteem and making an effort. All my nice work clothes went into storage. Make-up? Why bother? It became way too easy to schlep around in the mommy-form all day. You know, ponytail, yoga-pants, a tank top, a hoodie, and, depending on the season, Uggs or flip flops. Nothing wrong with that outfit, in moderation. But all day, everyday? As in, those were my pj’s too? My poor, poor husband. And my kid cried if I got dressed up because he didn’t recognize me.

Since I’ve been working out and generally trying to take better care of myself, I’ve been most definitely more into pampering and trying to look my best.  It all snowballs. Plus? Taking time to take care of yourself makes you better at caring for others. True story.

So, today, I just want to let you into my bathroom, share some of my favorite products.

Ready? Okay.

1. Origins Have a Nice Day face cream. Why do I love this cream so much? Well, for one thing, it works. And, even better, it smells delicious. Like grapefruit. Yum.

2. Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine: It’s a styling cream that kicks fly-aways in the tush, makes your hair shiny and kind of gives you bed head, in a good way. If you know what I mean.

3. Frederick Fekkai Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner: My sister-in-law turned me on to this stuff a few years ago. It’s a bit pricy, but a little goes a long way. It makes for super shiny (thanks to olive oil), soft and fresh smelling hair.

4. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara: I’ve been using this for years. Cheap and cheerful. And it doesn’t clump. I’ve tried mascaras that are three times as expensive that pale in comparision to this classic.

5. Bare Minerals Foundation and Bronzer: I used to be a full on foundation girl. Then I had a kid. I love mineral makeup SO MUCH. It’s so easy and foolproof. And I wear bronzer year round. I tend to get pretty pale so it’s a must.

6. Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush: I use this instead of traditional blush. It goes on easily, blends really well and gives a nice post workout glow. And it smells like jam. Which is a plus in my book.

7. Cherry ChapStick: Dirt cheap, hint of color. Can’t beat that with a stick.

8. Dove Revive Deodorant: I was so excited when I picked this up at the store. I’ve loved Dove deodorants for years. But this one? Smells like heaven (pomegranate and lemon verbena). Dear Dove, please make a matching body wash. Love, me.

9. OPI Nail Polish in I’m Not Really a Waitress. The most perfect wine-y, red, with a hint of sparkle.

10. Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo: My not so secret weapon. I use this to push the limits of washing my hair. As in, I can blow out my hair and not wash my hair for many, many days, with the help of this awesome, lemony powder.

There you have it, some of my faves.

What do you love? Share below, I’m a product fiend and love to hear about new things to try!

Note: The Sisterhood was neither paid nor provided with any of the above products. All opinions are our own.

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