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It’s time for the Sister Spotlight! Last week’s spotlighted sister was the lovely Karena. Her pick? Fantastic. Read on…


I was gob-smacked when I saw that Kirsten had chosen me for the Sisterhood Spotlight. I felt like I should drop to my knees and genuflect, chanting, “I’m not worthy!” Thank you so much, Kirsten, for the honor, and all the rest of you for your kind words. There were about a dozen amazing women that popped into my head when I started thinking about who to shine the spotlight on next. This is tough — you’ll see! Just wait until it’s your turn! But choose I must, so please give a big round of applause to this week’s Sister in the Spotlight…

Bari! Although Bari has been around the Sisterhood for a while, as have I, we only really got to know each other during one of the recent Shrinking Jeans team challenges. And I’m so glad we did! Just a few of the reasons Bari deserves this: She is dedicated. 100%. To her family. To her students. To her Sisters. To her own health. She is realistic in her goals and her demands on her body. Bari talks in terms of progress, rather than all-or-nothing. She doesn’t try to rationalize — she’s completely honest. Go back and read her first blog post and you’ll see what I mean. She works for her success. She doesn’t expect it to fall into her lap as I may be guilty of from time to time. She faces adversity and stress with dignity and composure. She pushes past her comfort zone, and dares to dream. Inspired by Team Shrinking Jeans, she now has an eye on her own half marathon. And I have no doubt she’ll finish. She’s funny. She’s smart. She has great taste in beer. She’s fun to chat with on Twitter. I could go on and on. Finally, Bari is a good friend and an awesome supporter. I am proud to call her a Sister. Much love, Bari! Now, everyone else, tell Bari how great she is!


Karena, great job! We wholeheartedly agree, Bari is AMAZING!

So, Bari, you’re next. When you’re ready, email your Spotlight pick to support@shrinkingjeans.

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