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So, you’ve probably heard we’re giving away some Land’s End swimsuits. Eight of them. Tomorrow.

Yup, tomorrow’s the big drawing day! Make sure you head on over to the day 1 post to get your name in the pot (the virtual pot, Random.org), if you haven’t already…hang on till the end of this post for all the giveaway details.

In the meantime, we’ve got two more suits to review. Christie O. and April, you’re up!


Holy Schneikes I’m on the internet in a bikini! OK so this makes it more than ok for me to walk around on the beach now in it since, oh, there’s only about a teeny tiny fraction of the people on the beach as there are on the internet. So I’m out there now! Here I am, world! But I’m glad that we’re doing this. I have spent way too long being obsessed with what I look like in a bathing suit. My self-consciousness has actually made me skip doing things with my kids, has made me uncomfortable because of the exhorbitant amount of clothes I’ve worn in the summer heat and it has made me waste time worrying about something no one else is even worried about or cares about! Enough is enough! I’m taking a stand! This is the very first time since my early 20’s that I have gotten a bikini. I went shopping a few months ago and actually had tried on the Land’s End bathing suit I chose but wasn’t sure at that point about getting a bikini! So I was thrilled when I heard that we were reviewing Land’s End bathing suits!!! I got the “Beach Living Loop Sweetheart Bikini Top” and I got a pair of bottoms from a different bathing suit line. I wasn’t sure if they would go together, but on the site, there was a handy dandy “chat” option and the lady I chatted with did some research for me and told me that they were made of the same material and would probably look fine! And they look fabulous! I got the Isla Morada Solid Shirred Bikini Bottom. They are cinched a little in the hips and they have a fabric overlay that I can pull up or down, depending on how much tummy I wanna show. Because let’s face it, mama’s body’s a little different now. I have stretch marks. I have big thighs (that can ride a bike 20 miles per hour or more!) and a pooch from birthing two babies. I also have tiny boobies (that remained the same before and after kids). What I love about this suit is that it covers up my stretch marks and pooch and accentuates my (non-existent) boobs. I have problem areas and this suit helps me with all of them! In fact, the cinching on the top gives me a pretty nice rack! I’m so super excited about this suit! It’s probably the most painless bikini I have ever seen and I am actually excited about wearing it! Have a wonderful summer ladies! Enjoy these suits!!! I am!!

I decided to go with the Aqua Terra Top and Bottoms for my swimsuit choice.  It was one of two bathing suits that I took to the Outer Banks, NC, and I tried them both out in the ocean.  Where I had trouble with the waves wanting to beat my other suit off, my Aqua Terra suit kept things firmly in place.  It also gives great support for my girls.  I don’t have to worry about anything falling out with this suit, which makes it a great suit for playing games on the beach with the kids.  This suit has already become a fast favoriite of mine!

Christie and April, you’re the bomb. Both of you. For reals. Okay, to the business at hand. Do you want to enter to win your very own Land’s End swimsuit? I know you want one…here’s how:

1) Go to the Lands End site, check out their fantastic collection of swimwear, and come back and tell us about your favorite in the comments section of the Day 1 post.

2) Blog about this giveaway and leave a link in the comments of the Day 1 post.

3) Tweet! And leave a link in the comments section of the Day 1 post. You may tweet once a day – that’s four entries!

All entries must be received by 12:00 am PST on Friday, June 18, 2010.  Eight winners will be chosen via Random.org.

Not to repeat myself…BUT….please note that all entries MUST be in the comments section of the Day 1 post.

Good luck!!

Disclosure:  The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans received swim wear from Lands End  for purposes of review. No monetary compensation was provided. Of course, as always, the opinions expressed are our own.

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