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Good morning, everyone!

I’ve been thinking recently that it’s almost July. Which means that half the year is already almost gone. Can you believe it?? I feel like it was just January! This year is flying!

Some of you have been here for a while and might remember our “Rethink Your Shrink” challenge, which we began in January to ring in the New Year. We spent a lot of time looking inwardly, seeking out and battling our own demons that stand in our way on our journey through weight-loss. We were “rethinking” how we were shrinking.

One of the challenges within the challenge (sort of like we’re doing here with the 5 veggie/fruit a day challenge) was writing a letter to our current self from our future self. Anyone remember doing that?

In mine, which is right here, the “Me” of January 2011 talked about all the things I did this year in 2010 and what obstacles I overcame. I thought it would be fun to re-read mine and see what’s happened so far and to see if it matched up at all. I also thought that it might be a really great time for anyone to hop in and revisit or at least think about the goals they’ve achieved this year so far! So, here are three goals I have achieved this year that I had set in January.

  • I overcame my fear of open water swimming. HURRAH! If you know anything about me,  THIS IS HUGE FOR ME! This was almsot a full one-year battle! Because I was afraid of sharks, I was afraid of murk, I was afraid afraid afraid. I wrote lots about my foray into open water swimming, starting with my first practice experience which stunk real bad. I couldn’t swim with my face in the water for quite a while. Now I can make it down the beach and back in 12 minutes (with a great current.) In my letter, I talked about getting a wetsuit and being afraid to swim in it. NOT ANYMORE! I also talked about doing the murky St. Anthony’s olympic distance triathlon. DONE! And in waves that were over my head and totally ugly murky scary water, too. So there!!
  • I crossed the finish line with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans at the San Diego Half-Marathon! AND we met up for Fitbloggin’ in Baltimore! It was the two best weekends EVER! I just love this group of wonderful women, so much. They’ve given me so much support and so many reasons to fight for myself this year and have fought alongside me each step of the way. Yes, that means all of you!
  • I have gained such a sense of self. Even though the year is only half over, I have already set up goals for the next six months that I would never have foreseen back in January. Like, a half-iron distance triathlon in November and a full marathon in January. The next 6 months are going to be such a wonderful journey, I can’t wait until January comes to see what “2011 me” will really think!

So, what have you been up to this year? If you’ve done this project, go dig it up and re-read it. Have you reached any of your goals? Is it time to recommit? Here is your shot to list 3 of your goals that you’ve reached so far here in 2010 or which ones you hope to reach before the year is out. And heck, while you’re at it, if you never got a chance to do this project with us and you want to write yourself a letter from your future self, feel free! We’re going to ask you to dig it up next January 2011 no matter what so we can revisit it again! Happy half-New Year!

Have a great Thursday!

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